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Angela_Ryan testimonyMary Jo was a delight from the first day we met with her to our wedding day. She was not only the most affordable photographer that I found while surfing the internet but she also had gorgeous pictures. I am not going to lie, at first I thought it was too good to be true. This photographer cannot be affordable and take amazing photos, there has to be a catch. Her prices on her website are the actual prices, no hidden fees. When we meet with Mary Jo she showed us her body of work she collected over the years and different packages with pricing. Ryan (my husband) and I explained what we wanted and she listened. She did not try to talk us into getting a bigger package and was very accommodating. She asked us a few questions about our special day and jotted down some notes. She talked with us and answered all our questions. Before we left, Mary Jo gave me her card and said if I had any questions, feel free to call her. If I did call her she always got back to me in a timely fashion. On our wedding day, you would not even have known Mary Jo was there. She found her way around during the ceremony and then afterwards we had a group photograph and she did not take much time at all. Everyone that was at the wedding commented on how great the photographer was and how they appreciated that she didn’t pose them. We took pictures for about an hour and then she drove to the reception site to take more pictures. Before she left Mary Jo said the photos would be ready within a week. Needless to say, I was amazed. She said one week and she had the pictures up and ready to view and they were beautiful. I would highly recommend Mary Jo as a photographer. She did a fantastic job with our photos and she is very easy going. So if you want affordable, great looking photographers, quit looking at other photographers and call Mary Jo. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. -Angela and Ryan Zwick, Married June 23, 2012


Andrea_Dave testimony

Dear MJ,

We both wanted to thank you so much for all of the beautiful photos you took of our wedding! You captured the day perfectly, and we are just so pleased with everything. Thank you for giving us exactly what we had hoped for- We will recommend you to all of our friends!

Andrea & Dave






Ashley testimony

Hello and good evening!

The wedding pictures came out BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for everything!!!







Mike_Carissa testimony


Mary Jo,
Mike and I are so very pleased with our wedding pictures. Your work is absolutely amazing! We love all the pictures and we will be letting the family know about the site so they can order at their convenience! I would also like to leave a testimonial on your web site, I just couldn’t figure out how to do so! One of Mike’s family friends is getting married and we told them about you and how wonderful you were! They do not have a photographer yet, so I am going to give her your number!!
Thanks so much or being a HUGE part of our special day. I can’t believe how outstanding the pictures came out on the time crunch we had! That just means you are super good at what you do!! Mike and I love the pictures outside on the white brick in front of the church.
Thanks again,
Mike and Carissa




Angela testimony 2


Hey MJ!

I absolutely love the pictures! You did a great job and I already recommended you to different friends of mine. Just let me know when the pics come in, and I hope you enjoy the rest of summer. Thanks again!





DeLoriann_Dann testimonyar MJ,

Dann and I wanted to let you know that we are so very GRATEFUL for all of your help with the wedding! You went above and beyond and we couldn’t have been ready without you! We have heard so many compliments on your personality and how you were right on top of things and we couldn’t agree MORE!!! People have been raving about you and how great you were with the kids and everyone!!! Thank you so much!!! Can’t wait to see the pics!!!
BTW…we do also want to get the traditional book as well. Let me know what we owe for that and I will send out the check!!!

Thanks so much!
Loriann and Dann DeLuca



Jackie_William testimonyOne of the most salient aspects of wedding planning is finding a photographer who can capture keen moments. When going to local photographer websites, I saw formulaically- posed wedding parties and photo shopped gazes of brides. I wanted to find a photographer who could capture the impromptu, unrehearsed, unposed, paramount moments of a ceremony, having people in the photograph actually look like they were having the best time of their lives, and still have those traditional pictures that I could reflect upon. I found all of that in Mary Jo’s photographs! One of the best photographs in our collection is one Mary Jo took of my husband crying as I came down the isle. It was sincere and unrehearsed, yet elegant. I look at that photo every day.
Her group photos are original, none like what I’ve seen any other photographer in this area do! For those who have blended families, like mine, Mary Jo is sensitive to those particular families’ needs as well, which I appreciate so much. In order to get joyful faces on film, you need those in the shot to comfortable and at ease. Mary Jo had done her homework, so she knew who was in what family, and who was/is married to who. As a bride, that is extremely comforting to know, and one less thing I had to worry about.
Overall, our experience with Mary Jo was absolutely wonderful, in fact, it was the easiest aspect of planning our wedding

Thank you so much!! You are awesome!!


Hi Mary Jo,
Just wanted to thank you again for all you did for our wedding! We really appreciated it 🙂 Hope the new year is treating you well!